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Dependable Refrigeration BBB A+ Business

Cardinal Plumbing and Leak Detection is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. Since 1957, Cardinal Plumbing Houston TX has been providing professional residential and commercial plumbing solutions at an affordable price. Cardinal Plumbing in Houston TX is a dependable Houston plumbing contractor specializing in residential plumbing and commercial plumbing repairs. For same day service and emergency plumbing service, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert plumbers put your needs first and will make sure that the service you receive is worthwhile and effective.

“… Problem solved, garbage disposal fixed”


When my garbage disposal finally gave out I knew it was time to call a professional Houston plumber. Not knowing which plumber to choose I simply went online and read some of the reviews and ratings offered for local Houston plumbers. I finally decided to go with Cardinal and was incredibly surprised with the quality of work and professionalism this company exhibited. Anyone in Houston with plumbing issues should call this company and save themselves time, trouble and hassle.

by Frank H.

“… We called Cardinal and help was on the way”


We had an emergency water problem in our house and decided to call Cardinal because we heard that they were really good. They came out to our house in the middle of the night and quickly repaired the leak that could have created a much bigger water problem. They saved us money and the bill was surprisingly reasonable. We cannot say enough about this great company and all that it offers when it comes to Houston emergency plumbing services. Contact these guys anytime of the day or night and they are there for you.

by The King Family

“… Fast and courteous Houston plumbing”


What more can I say except what an amazing Houston plumber Cardinal Plumbing turned out to be for our family. With three kids we simply did not know what to do with backed-up sinks, backed-up drains and several other ongoing issues. We decided to call Cardinal because we heard they were good. This was a good choice on our part. They were able to fix all the plumbing troubles go home. Quick and efficient, these guys know their stuff. Thank you.

by Alisha Grey

“… Plumbing problem solved”


My husband and I had an ongoing problem in our home with hard-to-find leaks that we could simply not resolve. We have used other plumbers in the past and had no success. However, when we contacted Cardinal we made the right choice. They were fast and knowledgeable and knew exactly where to turn to correct the leak. No more leaks in our home and now we know the best plumbing company in Houston to use next time. We highly recommend and suggest all homeowners consider this great Houston plumber.

by Gina L.

“… It no fun when a water heater goes out”


Having lived in my home for over 10 years I have replaced more than one water heater. I was getting a little tired of replacing this major appliance that can be quite costly and expensive. One of my coworkers recommended that I contact Cardinal Plumbing in Houston. I called these professionals and they were able to upgrade my water heater system to a better system that will likely last for many years. In the long run, Cardinal Plumbing saved me money. I recommend this great company to anyone.

by Joe S.

“… No more leaky faucets”


We own a older home in Houston and had ongoing plumbing issues that we simply could not get resolved. Doing a search online we found Cardinal Plumbing and decided to give them a try. What a great and rewarding experience. These guys know plumbing better than anyone I've ever seen. They went right to the source of the problem, repaired what was needed to be repaired and then provided a fair and in my opinion inexpensive repair bill. Anyone looking for a way to save money on plumbing should call Cardinal in Houston.

by Jack Marlow

“… Friendly technicians from start to finish”


Being a new homeowner I had never used the services of a professional plumber before. But having purchased my first home, I found the need for a plumber and by chance came across Cardinal Plumbing. These guys are the best and they offer great rates, great service and an incredible knowledge of anything related to plumbing or plumbing services. They fixed multiple items throughout my home. My garbage disposal, water heater and backed up sinks were all repaired quickly and all at a great price. I would recommend Cardinal Plumbing to anyone.

by Ben J.

“… Impressive plumbing services”


When my sewer system began to back up I immediately went into panic mode and had no idea where to turn. My neighbors suggested I call Cardinal. What a great experience I had calling this company. They were courteous, friendly and really knew what they were talking about. I scheduled an appointment immediately and was amazed at how fast they were able to correct my sewer problem and how affordable the service was. Great job guys, thank you again for the excellent service.

by Martha Brown

“…Great prices and great service”


Having just purchased a new home in central Houston, I found it very difficult to get my plumbing working the way I expected it would work. However, when I found Cardinal Plumbing it was a pleasant surprise as they were able to completely straighten out my plumbing in a very short period of time. I would recommend Cardinal Plumbing to anyone in the Houston area with plumbing issues or problems. Thanks Cardinal, I'll be calling you again.

by Jessica Groves

“…We were amazed”


We had a troublesome leak that continued to create problems throughout our home. Not knowing where the water was coming from we knew we needed a Houston plumber that was good at finding leaks. A friend of ours recommended cardinal plumbing as a company that they had used in the past with regard to a leak in their home. To our surprise, Cardinal was fast, efficient and fairly priced. Highly recommended!

by Joseph and Sally B.