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Halo Water treatment is considered one of the best water filtration systems available today. As a multistage water treatment system, the advanced technology used in the Halo system includes highly advanced granular activated carbon filtration as well as high-density filter media that are used to eliminate all impurities in many of the water sources found today. From hard water treatment to basic water filtration and various types of water conditioner related needs, Halo is WQA tested and certified insuring only the best filtered and conditioned water is made available for your home or business.

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Cardinal Plumbing can help you with all your Halo water treatment and filtration installation needs. With whole house filtration and treatment water impurities and hard water are virtually eliminated. This technology does away with the need for bottled water and large bulky water softeners. Cardinal Plumbing technicians are standing by and ready to assist you with your Houston water filtration needs. Nothing quite compares to a five-stage whole house water filtration and water-conditioning system that has been properly installed.

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Homeowners wishing to reduce or remove chlorine and other contaminants will find that the Halo water filtration technology is reliable, dependable and tested over time. Hard water treatment in Houston is best achieved by working with an experienced team of plumbing professionals who install quality hard water treatment equipment that is designed to last. The Halo filtration and treatment technology is designed to solve several distinct hard water related problems. It effectively dissolves scale while inhibiting corrosion and even prevents scale buildup. Most importantly Halo is considered to be a maintenance free system that is totally self-contained.

Protecting your family, your home and the planet has never been easier thanks to the Halo water filtration and water conditioner system and technology. With no drain lines and no electricity required, the system effectively controls hard water problems without the need for chemicals. Halo technology has been in use since the 1960s and as such has a proven track record for providing quality water filtration and treatment at affordable prices. Cardinal Plumbing has years of experience in working with Halo products and is always standing by and ready to help you with your Houston water filtration and water treatment needs.

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Contact our team today to have a Halo water filtration system installed in your home or business. Cardinal Plumbing is a trusted and respected name throughout Houston and the greater Metro area when it comes to quality plumbing services. In fact Cardinal delivers the very best in plumbing and leak detection services throughout the region. The company offers comprehensive residential and commercial Houston plumbing services and has been in business since the 1950s. For true quality in professional leak detection and Houston plumbing services, contact Cardinal today.