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Cardinal plumbing is comprised of a dedicated group of professional Houston plumbers that strive to deliver exceptional quality and outstanding service for residential and commercial customers. Providing quality plumbing and leak detection services throughout Houston is what this industry leader has been doing since 1957. Best of all, Cardinal goes far beyond typical toilet repair services to offer a full range of comprehensive residential and commercial Houston plumbing specialties that other companies in the region simply do not offer. From 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Houston to professional leak detection services and drain cleaning as well as sewer line work, Cardinal delivers professional plumbing services in an affordable, fast and efficient way. This is a company that you can rely upon.


Leak detection

What makes Cardinal so unique is its remarkable ability to quickly assess any leak situation and then make the best determination with regard to the best way to stop the leak and make the right repairs. Expert technicians that have been thoroughly trained and that bring to the table years of experience in the plumbing industry know the importance of fast leak detection and repair. The end result is that Cardinal saves residential and commercial customers money by preventing ongoing water damage caused by a wide variety of leaks. Few other Houston plumbers understand leaks as well as Cardinal. This is especially true when it comes to under foundation repairs designed to stop and arrest leaking pipes that can lead to more serious structural problems.

Exceptional Customer Service

All these important services along with extraordinary and exceptional customer service are the reason that Cardinal Plumbing is a leading plumbing contractor in the Houston area. Prompt and friendly technicians along with knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives and staff lets customers know that they have chosen the right Houston plumbing contractor. Another reason residential and commercial customers choose Cardinal is because the company has a reputation for working closely with the Texas climate to make the right type of repairs every time. With impressive reviews and a favorable reputation throughout the community, Cardinal takes plumbing services for homes and businesses to an entirely new level. Contact Cardinal Plumbing today for custom Houston plumbing service that is designed to save customers money, time and headaches. Call today to learn more!

Reliable Plumbing Contractors

Cardinal Plumbing in Houston TX is a dependable plumbing contractor & Leak Detection company specializing in residential and commercial repairs. Our company is unique because it is family owned and operated and first opened in 1957. Not only do we offer experience and exceptional customer service, our skill set is suited for plumbing issues that arise in the Texas climate. Customers rely on us for same day service, fair prices, and emergency service.


Cardinal Plumbing Company in Houston TX offers plumbing contractors who know the right answer and will prove it. We are also one of the few contractors who offer plumbing work beyond toilet repair. For sewer line work, drain cleaning and leak protection, count on us. We are licensed and insured so that we may provide you with the professionalism that counts to your property and wallet.

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